Dying to know more about me? Ok, here we go....

Chaska Family Photography06.jpg
  • i can play the guitar and the piano.
  • I cry when i listen to patriotic songs.
  • one word. carbs. OK TWO WORDS. CARBS & COFFEE.
  • most days you can find me wearing a hat.
  • i love to golf.
  • cooked peas are NOT GOOD!
  • i played hockey in high school and i loved it!!!! the best memories i have are from bus rides and practice with my best friends.
  • i love disaster movies! Armageddon, twister, the day after tomorrow, all of them!
  • i am super shy when meeting new people. i am working on this.
  • i love to read.  when i am into a good book, i will not hear the phone ring, the doorbell, or anything you say. my favorite book is Lake news by barbara delinsky.
  • i never miss harry potter marathons on abc family.
  • i truly believe i was born in the wrong era. i am an old soul &  probably should have been born in the 40's.
  • my favorite pandora station; gene kelly
  • i cannot dance one bit.
  • the funniest person i know? my brother. he can quote movies like none other.
  • traveled to Oregon and washington last fall!
  • i could live on the beach.
  • i will go to Ireland before i leave this world.