Hi there! I'm wendy, the gal behind the lens here at willow & wren and i am so happy you stopped by!

i'm a mama to my fur baby wrigley, the cutest golden retriever you ever did see. coffee soothes my soul. my grandparents are my best friends & you can usually find me listening to billie holiday, louis armstrong, amos lee, and madeleine peyroux.  I am obsessed (still) with the show friends. chandler & ross are my faves.  i love the ocean.  i am scared of snakes.  did i mention i love coffee?  I am a paraprofessional at an elementary school & with the preschool and i absolutely love it!

my photography style is real, natural,  &  filled with light.  if you want photos of tickles & laughter, windblown hair, and hugs & kisses, i am the photographer for you.  i love the inbetween moments. when the littles peek at me over dads shoulders, or when you bend down to kiss your baby's head. this is life, as it is.

there's this thing i love about photography, especially when photographing women. being in front of a camera is scary and intimidating. but what i love, is watching you gain this confidence, slowly, but surely.  after the hour goes by, i watch your shoulders drop, your chin comes up with a renewed sense of self. your eyes look directly at mine, and you smile. you are seeing what i see, you are seeing how beautiful you truly are.  and that -with out a single doubt - is why i love what i do.